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7 stress-saving tips for your large family vacation rental

7 stress-saving tips for your family vacation rental 
Planning a trip that involves generations can be stressful. Where to go, how to get there, daily excursions and planned meals. It’s a lot to keep up with. We certainly don’t have answers to it all, but we know that renting a spacious villa instead of several hotel rooms is not only cheaper but a lot comfier and flexible. There are many options of spacious and high-quality villas that easily fit 8 or more people, so you can get the feel of a five-star stay at an affordable price.  
Keeping a few things in mind will make it easier on everyone: 

Planning time

1. Start early
If you are looking for a place that will fit all the kids, grandparents and pets, plan your getaway as early as you can. Large villas are popular and many of them are booked by Christmas time. Check out some of our villas where you can enjoy meals together, relax and spend quality time together. 
2. Use social media for planning 
Set up your free private group for all decision makers using one of the many social media platforms - Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Google Docs, TripIt – you name it. It’s a great timesaving way of sharing information in real-time and you can add documents that each person can download as needed. 

Decision time

3. Rent a home with en-suite bedrooms 
Who likes to wait in line for the bathroom? No one. Avoid the stress and pick a place where each bedroom includes a bathroom. Your family will love you for it! Check out beautiful Villa Nevia with 5 bedrooms.
4. Who doesn’t love a guest house?
Large families benefit greatly by having the extra space of a guest house. This is usually a great solution for grandparents or other couples that want to stay close to the family but still enjoy their privacy. Check out charming Villa Catalpa and its two guest houses (6 bedrooms in total). 
5. Be a neighbor 
Many property owners have homes that are in close proximity of each other. If you can’t find a big enough home for the whole group, renting two smaller homes may be a great solution. See Villa Terra Rossa-Villa Terra Nera or Villa Cipresso-Villa Moro. 

Kids and logistics

6. Prepare to keep the kids busy
Villas with large terraces or playgrounds are very popular with family guests. Many of the larger villas offer kids’ playground, and even sport facilities. Others have generous landscaping that is fenced for everyone’s safety. See Villa Del Mare (9bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 kitchen, plenty of facilities) or Villa San Rocco for 9 guests. 
7. Rent a car 
Large families = lots of luggage. Save money on taxi rides and secure yourself a car for your stay. Guests that book through Charming Croatia enjoy lower rates, no payment in advance, and complimentary insurance. 



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