Payment methods

Paying your deposit or invoice online is easy. We offer several convenient and secure payment methods for your reservation:

  • PayPal (credit card, debit card)
  • VIPPS (credit card, debit card)
  • Internet banking




Credit Card Badges

If you want to make a payment using VISA, MasterCard, or any other credit card, PayPal is safe, easy and convenient.  

PayPal uses data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud. No financial information, passwords, credit card numbers or personal information other than your name, email address, and address is sent to us.

Making a payment to us through PayPal is easy. You just need an email address to use it. Find out more at


Here’s how to pay using PayPal (steps may vary depending on your location):

  1. Log onto
  2. Select Log in or Sign up to sign up for an account
  3. Select ‘Pay or Transfer money’
  4. Select the cash-register icon (buy)
  5. In the email address field, type and click Next
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay (see your quote or invoice for details)
  7. In the Note field, enter the quote number or the invoice number
  8. Follow the remaining confirmation steps



For our Norwegian customers using VIPPS, you can find us at VIPPS ID  60855 (ISTRIA & MORE AS)

Note that if you wish to make a credit card payment, you can easily link your credit card to your VIPPS account.



Online Banking

From Norway only: 
Payments are made to account 15038006050

From everywhere else:
Bank: DNB
IBAN: NO4512506177608
ADDRESS: Dronning Eufemias gt. 30, 0191 Oslo, NO