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Vil du jobbe med oss i Charming Croatia?

Published : 13.07.2019

Vi har behov for flere norsktalende og svensktalende kandidater.


10 fun things to do in Istria in a week

Published : 08.07.2019

Planning a trip to northern Croatia and looking for things to see and do? Pleasant weather, a dose of culture, fantastic food and lovely beaches, are just some of the nice things you can enjoy in Istria. Check out our favorite beaches, towns, and family-friendly fun:


The top 5 things you get when renting a villa in central Istria

Published : 04.07.2019

You’ve seen the stunning pics of the hilltop towns, never-ending vineyards and green Istrian hills, but still not sure you should stay off the beach.


7 stress-saving tips for your large family vacation rental

Published : 03.07.2019

Planning a trip that involves generations can be stressful. Where to go, how to get there, daily excursions and planned meals. It’s a lot to keep up with.



Published : 03.07.2019

Relax in the luxurious surroundings of the Boutique Hotel Alhambra or enjoy a contemporary setting of the Hotel Bellevue and spend your holiday in the idyllic Čikat Bay on Losinj, surrounded by stunning scenery, crystal clear sea and fresh air.


5 great reasons why you should visit Istria in northern Croatia in the fall

Published : 02.07.2019

Besides the obvious autumn colors, pleasant weather, wine tasting and various festivals, there are plenty of reasons why Istria in northern Croatia is a wonderful spot to visit in September and October:


Norwegian-Croatian kitchen mashup

Published : 29.03.2019

Meet our friends and two talented chefs, Daniel Rosvold and Robert Elias Rydland who are traveling with us to Croatia to inspire local talent while hopefully also enjoy all the wonderful aromas of Croatia.


Villa Aria is now certified for eco-friendly accommodation

Published : 18.03.2019

Come visit Villa Aria and we'll plant a greener future together!



Published : 12.03.2019

Are you, a group of friends or family looking for the perfect spring getaway?


Save 30% on luxury hotels on Losinj - island of vitality

Published : 23.02.2018

Relax in the luxurious surroundings of the Boutique Hotel Alhambra or enjoy a contemporary setting of the Hotel Bellevue and spend your holiday in the idyllic Čikat Bay surrounded by stunning scenery, crystal clear sea and fresh air.


Carnival in Croatia

Published : 09.01.2018

The dress-up festivities start mid-January


Istrian Experiences

Published : 29.12.2017

See what the Croatia tourist board recommends for visitors to the Istria region.


2018 European Men’s Handball Championship

Published : 12.12.2017

See our available villas for January and take advantage of a special offer which includes tickets to three matches, wine tasting and more.


Winner of 7 nights in Istria

Published : 05.10.2017

And we have a winner...


Free extras with your next booking!

Published : 20.09.2017


Fall Events in Istria 2017

Published : 25.07.2017

We’re in the middle of summer but the Istrian locals are busy planning events for the entire year. The fall calendar is already full with events that cover sports, food & drink, music, dance, history, design and culture.


Charming discoveries

Published : 28.05.2017

Check out some of the wonderful things to do in Istria and the surrounding regions.


Exploring the towns of Istria

Published : 25.05.2017

With one of us calling Istria home, we’ve been lucky enough to explore the whole heart-shaped area together in a fairly short time. This summer I am planning on taking lots of pictures to share. Meanwhile, here are a few notes on the towns and areas we love coming back to. .


Why you should rent a villa

Published : 06.04.2017

Not sure if villa is a good fit for you? Even though room-service is such a wonderful treat, there are plenty of reasons why a villa should be considered, too. Besides privacy and having the pool all to yourself (do you really need anything else?) here are just a few reasons why you should consider renting a home for your holiday.


Events Summer 2017

Published : 05.03.2017

There is more to Istria than Medieval hilltop towns, neverending hills, crystal clear ocean and wonderful gastronomy. Throughout the year, local talent and resources create events that last from early spring well into late summer.
Check out some of the events that are taking place in Istria this season!


Be seduced by beautiful Istria!

Published : 07.01.2017

Crystal-clear waters, medieval towns and gorgeous landscapes makes Istria Croatia’s most attractive peninsula.
With a hint of Tuscany and lush Italian scenery, prepared to be charmed by the seductive atmosphere. An atmosphere full of aroma of truffles, sea, olives and green hills.
There’s an Istria for every sense.


Villa Benvenuti

Published : 07.01.2017

Check out one of our favorite villas!