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Cooking classes

All classes are from 115€ per person

Hands-on gourmet for the food (& wine) lover

Spring brings wild asparagus to every plate. Summer is all about seafood. In the fall you can count on truffles and winter is made warmer by traditional minestrone soup that is the famous Maneštra. And we haven’t gotten to the Istrian pasta yet. Njoki, fuži, pljukanci and Labinski krafi are just some of the variations. Pick one of our intimate cooking classes below and enjoy an authentic cooking class with an English-speaking instructor who is also a certified sommelier. You will get a generous taste of Istrian cousine at his family farm located between the coastal villages of Medulin and Ližnjan.

Classes are from 115€  per person.

Price per person includes:

  • Pick-up and drop-off in the Pula area. The meeting place is usually at the Pula amphitheater
  • Food tour of Pula's farmer's market where we'll source all the ingredients
  • All ingredients/materials
  • Brunch before the class
  • Professional tasting of Istrian extra-virgin olive oil
  • Three-course meal (starter, main, dessert)
  • One bottle of premium Istrian wine
  • Coffee and digestif (rakija, herb infused liquors...)

Our instructor is a passionate food enthusiast, speaks fluent English and is also a certified sommelier.

Note that the cooking classes described on this page represent only some of all the combinations available. The classes can be personalized per our customers’ needs. Just let us know!

Some of our classes


Duration: 6+ hours

Dishes include:

  • Fish carpaccio
  • Tartare
  • Seafood risotto
  • Seafood pasta
  • Traditional Istrian dessert
  • Wine

Traditional Istrian pasta

Duration: 4+ hours

Dishes include:


  • Beef and chicken soup
  • Žgvacet (goulash made with beef, chicken, tomatoes and wine)
  • Istrian fresh pasta (fuži, pljukanci, njoki, Labinski krafi)
  • Traditional Istrian dessert
  • Wine


Bakalar na bijelo - Baccala Mantecato

Duration: 4+ hours

Dishes include:


  • Maneštra, a traditional Istrian thick soup made with beans or chickpeas and seasonal vegetables
  • Posutice, a rhomboid shaped Istrian pasta made without eggs
  • Dried cod pâté
  • Prosciutto and cheese
  • Olive oil tasting. You’ll taste several extra-virgin Istrian olive oils made from indigenous olive varieties (bjelica, buža, črnica…) The one you like the most will go into the pâté.
  • Povitica, strudel with apples and walnuts
  • Wine



Truffles Galore

Duration: 4+ hours

Learn to cook with truffles from starter to dessert. We do vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore!