Charming Croatia was born out of a couple’s passion for three things: travel, food, and Istria. Did we mention food...? Ordering pasta with truffles and prosciutto in Punta at Buje. Taking in a beautiful sunset from the top of Rovinj. Pouring a glass of local Teran in a 200-year old restored villa. These are moments we’ve enjoyed, that drive who we are and what we do. And we want to share Istria with you.

Our goal is simple: To deliver positive and stress-free experiences in Istria that you will cherish and remember with joy. 

We come in several flavors and speak a few languages. Andrej calls Istria his homeland and knows every good restaurant/beach/event in the region. He’s seasoned. He’s experienced. And he’ll make you feel like you have a partner in town. Have a specific question about Istria? Please let us know and you’ll get answers from an insider that’s experienced all corners of the land. 

Want to know more about us or need information? Please get in touch. We’ll tell you all about it.

Peninsula Istria...we know its best secrets!

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